Reliable Residential and Commercial Roofing Maintenance: Ensuring Performance and Durability

Preventative Maintenance For Your Roof

Your home’s roof is the primary source of protection for everything inside. Many homeowners assume that their roof will last forever without requiring any maintenance whatsoever. On average, a roof that suffers without any preventative maintenance, however, will only last a fraction of its life expectancy. There are direct benefits to keeping your roof in excellent condition. You as a homeowner owe it to yourself to contact a certified construction company for a thorough assessment of your roof.

​We Offer Complete Roof Maintenance

​At Gordy Roofing we understand the value of your roof. In addition to roof installation and repair, we also provide ongoing routine maintenance for every component of your roof. Our goal is to keep your roof and all its materials in superb condition year after year. We help you take care of small issues before they turn into big problems.

Get Your Roof Inspected

Your roof is the front line of defense against wind, rain, severe weather, and the elements. You depend on your roof to provide stability during those cringe moments when you need it the most. Get your roof inspected today to make sure that it is in top condition.

​A proper inspection of your roof could reveal several issues that you didn’t know existed. Some of these matters may include, rotting, mold & algae, cracks in the wood or spaces or large gaps in between the slates. You may also discover bending. If these problems are found early on, they can be taken care of with relative ease.

Roof Maintenance and Repairs in Texas​So you’ve just installed your roof, and it looks great! If you want the roof on your residential or commercial property to continue looking fantastic and perform well year after year, then routine prevention is essential. If you need your roof inspected for maintenance or minor repairs, then contact the best roofing company in Texas.

At Gordy Roofing. we specialize in both residential and commercial roofing for clients across East Texas. We are Texas licensed and certified in all areas of roofing maintenance for your home or business.

​Why Is Maintenance Important?

​There are several viable reasons why you need to schedule commercial roofing inspections and maintenance on your roof every 2-3 years. The primary purpose is to ensure that the roof is providing adequate protection from severe weather. Other important items to consider are your property value, insurance rates, and, of course, your home’s curb appeal. If you take care of your roof, it will take care of you.

​Preventative Maintenance vs. Costly Repair

​If you’re like most homeowners, then you are always finding new ways to save money. Preventative maintenance saves you a considerable amount of money over the long run, by reducing the need for high-dollar repairs that you can’t afford. By caring for your roof, you will keep small issues from turning into significant problems that spin out of control fast.

​Why You Should Take Care of Your Commercial Roof

​As a business owner, you can’t afford NOT to maintain the upkeep on your commercial property’s roof. When you invest in preventative maintenance you can avoid the cost and headache associated with:
• Costly emergency repairs
• Expensive clean-ups
• Loss of productivity
• Product damage
• Injured employees or customers
• Unsafe work conditions
• Structural damage to your building
• Interior finish damage
• Voiding your roof’s warranty

​Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

One of the benefits of choosing Gordy Roofing., is that you hire roofing specialists with decades of extensive experience in all types of residential and commercial roofing. We performed maintenance on the following types of roofing material:


• Asphalt Shingle
• Wood Slate Shingles
• Metal
• Clay and Concrete Tile
• Flat Roofs


• Modified Bitumen
• Rubberized Roofing
• Built Up Roofing (BUR)

​Get Your Property Inspected Today

​If you own an older residential or commercial property, you may not know the current condition of your roof. Now is the perfect time to have your roof inspection. Roof inspections from Gordy Roofing. are quick, easy, and affordable. We provide a thorough and accurate report of any issues that could compromise your roof’s stability. Once we submit our assessment we make recommendations on how to restore your roof back to prime condition.

Save Money with Annual Maintenance

It is always wiser to take preventative measures to avoid major repairs. Preventative maintenance and save you hundreds of dollars in major roof repairs. Having a secure roof can also save you money in considerable damages that occur as a result of severe weather. When your entire roof is secure, it is more likely to withstand heavy winds and torrential rain pour. Ongoing care and maintenance can put your mind at ease when Mother Nature comes calling.

​Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

​Save yourself a major hassle while saving money. Contact a Gordy Roofing. contractor today and let us provide you with quality roofing maintenance that you can trust. What you do today, will depend on how long your roof lasts tomorrow. We are the roofing experts in East Texas. Let us help you with your roof!

Add Value to Your Home

A roof that is cleaned regularly maintained and free from damage is an attractive feature if you ever decide to sell your home. For a potential home buyers, a quality roof saves them money in the long run. A well-maintained roof adds curb appeal and keeps property value high.

Keep Your Roof Well Insulated

Leaky roofs allow drafts to invade your home interior. It creates a less efficient environment for your air conditioner. You will notice an increase in your energy bill every month. Gordy Roofing can identify all areas in your roof where there are cracks, holes, separated decking or improper ventilation. All of these are key to creating an airtight seal around the top of your roof.  With proper insulation, your home will now become more efficient, and you’ll spend less each month trying to keep it cool or warm.