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Roofs are essential to any building be it commercial or residential. While there is very little pressure on residential roofs, commercial ones need to be in top condition all the time to avoid cases where the people renting there have to deal with damaged goods. A rainy season or winter with heavy snowfall can increase the probability of experiencing commercial roof leaks. Areas such as Texas that experience significant temperature changes may have an impact on the roofs and lead to leakages. Even the best commercial roofs need proper maintenance and monitoring to keep them in good condition all year long and here are some tips when dealing with roof repairs associated with leaks in Mt Vernon Texas.

Roof Repairs in Mount Vernon Tx

Causes Of Roof Leaks

Several possible things can cause leaks on a commercial roof. All the different types have specific strong and weak points. It is paramount to understand the possible causes based on your type of roof before figuring out how to avoid or repair them. Here are some of the leading causes;

Water Saturation on the Roof

Most commercial roofs are flat, and this makes it hard to drain water automatically. Such roofs require additional drainage systems that will reduce the collection of water. It is normal to see puddles on such roofs after a storm, but some of them persist for some time and pose a problem to the roofs. This collection of water for a specified time leads to soft spots on the roof that causes leaks. Slanted roofs also experience this problem on the edges if the gutters are not cleared or if the downspouts are blocked.

Bad Roofing Flashing

This is another problem that causes roof leaks. The flashing is the part that seals the roof at the angles and perimeter where roofing sheets meet. It acts as a protective mechanism against water and debris but can be damaged over time due to exposure to the elements of the weather. It can also wear out naturally due to the expansion and contraction caused by hot and cold weather. Damaged flashing allows water to seep into the roof.

Damaged Roofing Membrane

Commercial roofs have an extra layer that protects the roofing material from elements of the weather. This outer layer allows water to drain into the drainage system instead of collecting on the surface. However, the membrane ages and wears out over time leaving the roof exposed to water.

Poor Roofing Seals

Commercial roofs may have places where pipes, HVAC units, and other equipment extend through the surface. A good roof should have seals that cover the openings around these pipes to avoid any leaks. However, these seals can become weak over time and start allowing water to seep into the spaces.

Missing Roof Shingles

Extreme weather conditions can loosen residential roof shingles or make them fall off. As they stand the test of time, they become weaker and damaged as well. Missing and cracked shingles offer a pathway for water to get into the internal roofing materials.

Signs Of A Leaking Commercial Roof

While some of the causes of leaks in commercial roofs have been mentioned, you should understand the signs to look out for. Read on;

  • Mold on the ceiling.
  • Physical damage on the roof.
  • Puddles of water on the roof.
  • Signs of weathering.
  • Water stains on walls.
  • Water puddles inside the building.

Preventing Residential Roof Leaks

One of the best ways of preventing roof leaks on a commercial building is to regularly inspect the roof for any signs of damage and weak spots. This way, you will point out the impending issues that will affect the integrity of the roof and address them before they lead to damage to the roof interior.

You can also engage in simple cleaning and maintenance practices such as removing the debris on the roof. Debris allows water and moisture to gather on the roost thus leading to soft spots that cause leaks. Clean all the drains as this will let water flow freely, and this avoids cases of puddling. Inspect the perimeter and roof surface and look out for any missing shingles, tears, and punctures that could allow water to leak into.

The best way of keeping your roof in top condition is to contact a roof repair service in Mt Vernon Texas and ask them to do these things. Most commercial roofs are large and vast and doing some of the maintenance tasks can be overwhelming. If your budget allows, you can schedule a regular roof inspection that will look at all the impending problems and ensure that it stays in top condition for a long time.

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Mount Vernon is a small town in eastern Texas. Located about 100 miles east of Dallas, Mount Vernon is part of Franklin County. The town reflects a charming, small-town atmosphere full of friendly faces, historical landmarks, and unique attractions. The town motto, “A Texas Treasure,” resonates with all who visit the quaint town. For more information about the town, click here.

About Mount Vernon Texas

General Information

  • Population: approximately 2,600
  • Longitude/latitude: 33°10’55”N 95°13’27”W
  • Zip codes: 75457
  • Interstate 30 runs east-west along the southern end of town, while U.S. Highway 67 runs east-west through the northern part of town.
  • The best place to stay in Mount Vernon is the Super 8 by Wyndham Mount Vernon, a budget friendly hotel located off of exit 146 off Interstate 30.
  • The Tyler Pounds Airport, located at 700 Skyway Boulevard, is the nearest regional airport in Tyler. The nearest international airport is the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, located at 2400 Aviation Drive about 120 miles west of Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon may be a small town, but it is by no means lacking popular local attractions for all to enjoy.

Top 5 Things to Do in Mount Vernon

  • The Mount Vernon Fire Station Museum is the most popular in town. Housed in the original fire station from the 1940s on Kaufman Street, the collection includes special artifacts pertaining to the history of the town.
  • The 1894 Cotton Belt Railroad Depot is a Mount Vernon gem. Located on South Kaufman Street, the restored museum pays tribute to the railroad machinery of the past.
  • The Alamo Mission Museum is a great way for families to learn about Texas history. Located on County Road 4105 SE, the museum also hosts numerous family-fun events all year long.
  • Located just south of town square on Kaufman Street, Little Creek Park is the perfect spot for social outings and outdoor activities.
  • For more outdoor fun, visit Lake Cypress Springs. The lake is a bass fisherman’s dream, and is also a great place for camping and water play.

Notable Residents

  • Don Meredith, who was a notable American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, sports commentator, and actor
  • Bobby Maples, who was an offensive lineman for the Houston Oilers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Denver Broncos
  • Greg Ostertag, who is a retired NBA player who currently lives in Mount Vernon and owns several businesses in the historic plaza

Nearby Suburbs

Mount Vernon is bounded by Main Street to the north, Carr Street to the west, and Interstate 30 to the south.

  • Hagansport is located to the north
  • Saltillo is to the west
  • Purley is located a bit further south
  • Winfield is just to the east

Other Interesting Facts

  • Over 50 homes all throughout the town were built before World War I and still stand today. Each home is marked with a sign designating the original owners and year of construction.
  • The Bankhead Highway is Mount Vernon’s Main Street, which features a picturesque gazebo, cute parks, classical architecture, and more.
  • The Franklin County Library is an old-timey, historic library located at the corner of Main and Kaufman Streets.

Public Transport

Public transportation in Mount Vernon is served by Amtrak. Due to the city’s smaller size, there are only a few interstates and highways to use in order to travel to surrounding suburbs and cities:

  • Interstate 30
  • S. Highway 67
  • State Route 37

Mount Vernon Town Facts

  • Mount Vernon is located in the country of the United States of America.
  • Mount Vernon is in the state of Texas, which is normally shortened to TX.
  • Mount Vernon is located in Franklin County; it is also the county seat.
  • Incorporated in 1910, Mount Vernon is a Mayor-Council type of government.

The current mayor of Mount Vernon is Teresia Wims.