Thermoset Roofing in East Texas

Thermoset Vulcanized Tough Seal

Thermostat membranes are created through a combination of polymers that are vulcanized (cross-linked). The process is what “cures” the membrane and gives the toughness it needs to protect the roof system. Thermoset EPDM is popular with business owners, because of its rugged features and virtually impenetrable seal. Plus, it looks great on top of almost any building.

Thermoset Roofing in Texas

What Is EPDM?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is formulated by adjoining two different compounds: ethylene and propylene. Both of these originated from oil and natural gas. EPDM is then formed into sheets that can range from a 7.5 ft to 50 ft span and 45 – 60 mils thick. The seams create a tight seal via liquid adhesives or industrial-strength tape. You can choose from both black and white membranes. Both will enhance the top of your commercial building.

Why Should I Use EPDM Roofing?

  • ​EPDM has distinct advantages that give it the edge over other common commercial roofing types.
  • EPDM is .80 per square foot. This makes it surprisingly inexpensive.
  • It is easy to install which reduces labor costs.
  • Installation options: adhesives, industrial tape, fasteners, and ballasts.
  • EPDM weighs very little. No roof reinforcement is required.
  • High-grade EPDM is expected to reach 20 years before replacement is an option.
  • Dependable and Leak-proof. A Durable Surface that doesn’t easily scratch or scuff.

​Protection From Sun and Heat

One of the greatest advantages of installing an EPDM roof is that you will notice a considerable difference in your energy bill each month. The Thermoset membrane has reflective features that also insulate the entire roofing system. Since the roofing surface is UV-resistant, it holds up well in sunlight.

​High Wind Rating

Fully adhered EPDM systems have a high wind uplift performance rating, which makes them an ideal choice for taller structures or high-wind areas across East Texas. Every square foot of membrane is bonded to the insulations in fully adhered roof systems, so there is less membrane area for the air to penetrate. They remain solid during times of high wind.

Improve the Look of Your Roof

Fully adhered roof systems are an excellent choice for commercial roofs that are exposed and have high visibility. While other types of roofing are installed using fasteners or ballast to keep it secured, fully adhered roof systems use concealed adhesives that are beneath the roof membrane’s surface. The result is a consistent, smooth surface across the entire roof. It will enhance the overall appearance of the roof design.

Commercial Gordy Roofing.

Professional Installation

When having your roof installed it’s important to seek out consultation and an inspection from a licensed, certified roofing company. Gordy Roofing specializes in EPDM roofing and provides comprehensive service that includes inspections, roofing installation, and repair and maintenance. If you need a roof replaced, we can guide you through the entire process until your new EPDM roof is implemented. We offer affordable rates, dependable work, and hassle-free work from start to finish.