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How To Prevent Storm Damage To Your Roof?

September 23rd, 2022|Hail and Storm Damage|

The roof of your house is a vital part of your home. It shields your entire home and family from damage that Texas storms may cause. Storms cause the most common type of damage a roof experiences. Often, you won't be able to see the damage unless you go on the roof. Even a strong [...]

Storm Damage

March 5th, 2017|Hail and Storm Damage|

Roof Damage After A Storm During a storm, various types of roof damage can occur depending on the severity and specific conditions of the storm. Some common types of roof damage include: Wind damage: High winds can lift or blow off shingles, tiles, or metal panels, exposing the roof to water infiltration and other damage. [...]

How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roofing System

January 25th, 2017|Hail and Storm Damage|

Snow and ice can have significant impacts on your roofing system. Understanding the potential hazards and taking necessary precautions to minimize damage to your roof is essential. Some of the primary effects of snow and ice on your roofing system include the following: Weight-related stress: Snow and ice can be pretty heavy, and when they [...]

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