Getting a Roofing Inspection After a Storm

getting a roofing inspection after a storm

If you’ve suffered storm damage, you need to contact your local roofing contractor, such as Gordy Roofing, Inc., to schedule a free roof inspection and to check the state of your roof. We will be able to give a thorough inspection, explaining all damage or issues detected during the inspection. Once our qualified roofing inspector has accurately determined what repairs are required to return your property to its original state, a report will be created along with a quotation. This quotation will include what damage is found and what needs to be done to repair it. We can also help you navigate who you need to speak with at your insurance company to get these damages covered by your homeowners’ insurance. You can always count on Gordy Roofing Inspection to help you in this time of need.

Interior Property, Hail Damage Evaluation

You can start your own inspection by looking around inside and outside the home. Some things you should look for are new water damage. New water damage could indicate that your roof was damaged during the storm.

Examine your home for obvious water leaks or water stains in these areas:

  • Home Perimeter Inspection at Ground Level
  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Hard to reach places, like closets
  • Overhead light fixtures
  • Walls
  • Ceiling

Exterior Property Damage Inspection

Again, we do not recommend you climb onto your roof to inspect for damage. However, walk around the outside of your house looking for any visible evidence of damage. Keep an eye out for the following signs surrounding your property:

Shingles around the outside. Are there any shingles or parts of shingles on the ground around the home’s perimeter? Shingles could have been peeled off by severe winds. This usually means that your roof has been damaged by wind and hail.

Shingles have been damaged. Examine your roof to check if any major chunks of shingles are missing. Look for dented shingles as well as dark stains on shingles. Signs of damaged shingles you should be looking for are missing, cracked, curled, or torn.

Granules of shingles The protective coating found on shingles is frequently damaged by hail. The shingles’ granules are loosened by the impact and are typically washed down the gutters and downspouts. Check the gutters and downspout areas to see if you have a nice pile of granules. This is usually an indication that your roof has been damaged and needs an inspection.

Flashing and/or vent caps that have been damaged. Do you have any dents on your roof’s flashing or vent caps? You can usually see this from the ground, and this, too, is an indication that you need to call on a professional such as Gordy’s Roofing Inc.

Gutter and/or downspout damage. Look for noticeable damage like dents or cracks in your gutters and downspouts. In these situations, you should also look for shingle granules.

The siding has been damaged. Examine your home’s siding for visible damage such as dents, cracks, or chipping.

Debris and broken tree limbs Examine the roof and adjacent structures for broken tree limbs and debris. This debris can cause severe roof damage and needs a professional inspection right away. If a tree has fallen on the building, do not go inside. The weight of the tree could affect the physical structure of the building, causing it to become unstable.

Vehicles have been damaged. If automobiles in your area were damaged by hail, your roof most certainly was as well.

Other exterior constructions have been damaged. Look for other structures that may have been damaged, including shutters, window screens, air conditioning systems, sheds, and fences (look for splatter marks).

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