​Gutter Installation in East Texas

At Gordy Roofing. we provide gutter installation, gutter replacement, and gutter repair. Whether it’s copper gutters, aluminum gutters, or even gutter re-installation we can install all types of gutters for your home. Contact us today, and let us help you with any needs you have for the gutters on your roof.

When it comes to investing in the right type of gutter, let one of our specialists guide you towards making the right decision about the size, color, and look of the gutter you prefer.

Gutter Installation in East Texas

​Our complete list of services includes:

  • Gutter Installation – Gutter Repair
  • Clean Gutters – Gutter Replacement
  • Seamless Gutter Install – Seamless Gutter Repair

​Quality Installation You Can Count On

​We provide the highest quality gutter products on the market today. We only choose gutter products from reputable manufacturers and install them according to exact specifications. This includes downpipes, elbows, hangers, leaf prevention, gutter covers, and outlets. We can also arrive on-site at your home or business to install custom seamless gutter systems that provide the perfect fit to the building with no sections.

We Install All Gutter Parts

The benefit of choosing Gordy Roofing. is that we offer comprehensive roofing services. We install entire systems including all the parts. Some of these include:

Downspout Extension

  • Choose your length in either eight ft. (or) Ten ft. length. Available in either 2×3, 3×4 or select 4×5 lengths.

Gutter Elbows

  • Elbows are designed with a durable outer seam that holds everything into place. Also available in 2×3, 3×4, and 4×5 in both A and B profiles.


  • Downspout offsets are available in different sizes, including, 2×3 (and) 3×4 in all colors. As for our 4×5 offset, it is only available in several colors.

Round Elbows – Offsets

  • Door and Gutter Pro offers 4-inch round angles and offsets for your gutters that will match all of our round downspouts in stock.

Round Downspouts – Leader

  • Is available in a variety of colors. You can’t go wrong with the premium look of a round downspout that is easily installed to any gutter project.

Downspout Clips & Pipe Bands

  • You can choose from diamond or square pipe bands or downspout clips.


​Gutter Repair and Replacement

The gutters on your roof do more than just accent your home design. They play a vital role by channeling the water away from the base of your property. Gutters eliminate flooding, standing water, and splashes that cause stains along the bottom of the siding. When your gutters go bad, leaks occur and water ends up in places that it shouldn’t.

Regular maintenance and repairs are central to your gutter’s long life. We repair all types of gutter systems and offer parts replacement as needed. We can also replace your entire gutter system with brand new gutters that will look beautiful on your home while performing the job they were designed to do.

Contact Gordy Roofing, Inc. today and let us help you with all your gutter needs. Whether you need new gutters or need your current system restored back to new, we provide dependable, fast, and affordable service for all homeowners and business owners in East Texas.