V-Panel Metal Roofing in East Texas

​​For several decades, V metal roofing panels (also known as 5V) have been installed on farm buildings and other agricultural metal roofing structures. Modern homeowners have recognized that the ageless appeal of the 5V metal roof panel makes it fitting for residential metal roofs as well. 5V metal roofing panels are particularly popular in and surrounding East Texas. This region tests the sheer strength of the 5V metal roofing panels with high winds, beating rains, and hot sunlight. Modern V-Panels Offer More.

Texas V-Panel Metal Roofing ExpertsV panel metal roofing has outgrown its ‘shed out back’ look. Contemporary roofing has added different tones, colors, textures, and dimensions without sacrificing the classic ‘V’ look across each panel.

While standard panels will always be reminiscent of the ‘barn’ style roofing back in the day, V-panel metal roofing has come a long way to offer more features and designs.

Roofers Specialize in V-Panel Metal Roofing East TX

Superior Roof Protection for Your Home

Regardless of what type of metal panels you choose, you can expect the highest level of durability and an extended lifespan. Metal defends your interior from hail and rain, and UV rays and holds up well in winds up to 140 miles per hour. Both its structural integrity, and secure installation keep your house safe from the outside elements while insulating the inside. Your HVAC unit will operate more efficiently. The result is lower energy bills each month.

How Long Do V-Panel Metal Roofs Last?

One of the biggest concerns with homeowners is how much money they’ll spend on repairs and maintenance to keep their roofs in good condition. This is why metal roofs are the best solution. Once a metal roof system is installed, it requires minimal maintenance and care. Metal roofs are expected to last anywhere from 40-50 years. Fringe benefits include higher market value and a possible reduction in your insurance rates.

Non-Corrosive Thick Sheet Metal

Modern corrugated metal panels are proven to be corrosion-resistance, and energy-efficient, and can provide an economical roofing and cladding solution for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and even residential uses. Corrugated metal panels are constructed from thin-gauge steel, usually, which makes them inexpensive and practical. You’ll notice the savings on large-scale projects like full roof installation. Corrugated metal roofs are more stable and longer-lasting than asphalt shingle roofs, and they cost far less than standing seam or metal shingles.

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Whether you own a home or business in, trust the experts at Gordy Roofing. We’ll guide you through every phase of your upcoming roofing project. We begin by inspecting your roof and gathering needed information. From there we sit down with you and go over the options available to help you fine-tune your roof design.

Next, is the delivery and installation of all roofing material. Our installation process is quick and easy. And finally, comes the finishing touches that will give your roof system the professional look you’ve always wanted. From start to finish you can depend on our roofing contractors for work of the highest quality, first-rate roofing materials, and fast friendly service that you’ll appreciate.

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In addition to V-panel installation, we also do full home roofing installation & repairs, commercial roofing repairs, leak repairs, full roof maintenance, and other great services.