Roof Inspection Services in Longview

Comprehensive Roofing Inspection

As a Longview homeowner, it is critical to keep every component of your property maintained and in excellent condition. This is particularly the case with your roof. If you own a home that is over ten years old, then an inspection is necessary. This ensures that it provides proper protection for you and your family during storms and severe weather.

Longview Residential and Commercial Roofing Inspection

Roof Inspection & Repair in East Texas

​At Gordy Roofing we offer a comprehensive roof inspection that covers every part of your roof both inside and out. With an on-site assessment, we can identify the weak or damaged areas in your home or business and make recommendations on how best to fix them. Our roofers are experienced and well trained to inspect any roofing system for all structures.

What Does A Roof Inspection Include?

The whole purpose of a Longview roof inspection is to make sure your roof is in top-notch condition. This requires a full evaluation of every component leaving nothing to chance. Our roof inspections include the following:

  • Proper insulation
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Presence of moisture or mold
  • Leaks
  • Ice dams
  • The condition of the shingles, metal, or other roofing surfaces
  • Proper flashing around the dormers, valleys, sidewalls, eaves, and rakes
  • Chimney
  • Wood rot or deterioration
  • Deckings such as warped, sagging, or buckling boards
  • Gutters

Is It Time For Your Longview Roof to Be Inspected?

According to roofing experts, the average owners should have their roofs inspected at least once every two to three years. Because the surface of your roof slowly deteriorates over time, roof leaks can develop that are not visible until they’ve caused considerable damage. Our roof inspection experts will identify critical areas where roof damage will get worse if not taken care of. We offer complete residential & commercial roofing inspection that covers every component, and then follow it up with an accurate report of your roof’s current condition.

Many questions if a roof inspection can be done by a general house inspector. Roof inspections are essential for the well-being and integrity of any homeowner’s roof. This inspection is necessary because of the costs of roof repairs and the many different and unique circumstances involving roof damages. This kind of inspection is different from a regular home inspection in that a roof inspector knows exactly what to look for and specializes in this specific kind of work. A roof inspection consists of using specific tools and materials to locate and identify any and all immediate needs the roof has or if the roof itself needs to either be protected or repaired in certain areas of it is need to be completely replaced because of the age or damage. By hiring a specialist in roof inspections you are guaranteed to have a heads up on hot spots in the home and take the necessary action to prevent any heat from escaping as well as having the necessary protection from the elements along with finding possible leaky areas, mold in the skeleton, or even give suggestions on new and eco-friendly roofing alternatives.

Because roofs come in all shapes and size a good roof inspector can use his materials to not only isolate where leaks are coming from like looking at the ceramic granules of the asphalt shingles, or any other type of shingle but also locate potential areas where snow could build up and potentially damage the area. A roof inspection can prevent wasting money in the future if the integrity of the roof is already damaged and a new roof must be installed. Because roof mechanics or roofers come in all sorts of specialties concerning the many different sorts of roofs, a roof inspection is absolutely necessary when buying a new home or when the roof has not been changed or inspected in over 20 years. They may suggest the use and application of either a second layer of shingles if necessary, or certain types of protection and coats for the style of roof they are inspecting. Some protections they offer include a shield against water damage, snow build-up, and hail.

Because they are specialists in their areas they would be able to easily identify where the bitumen, asphalt shingle, is dry and cracked and in need of replacing. A dry shingle can be easily blown away during a storm or rain. They may also suggest EPDM, which is a type of synthetic rubber that is used for protection.

This is where either a specialist is necessary and a roof repair company comes in hand. Specialists will not only identify the otherwise invisible flaws but also provide the material and offer the work necessary to fix the problem and leave the roof better protected than how it was found. They can also inform the homeowner interested in the roof can take the weight and material of solar panels, fixing, drain pipes, or if another material might be the smarter choice for the roofing needs.

Add Life To Your Roof Today

​Another benefit of our residential & commercial roofing inspection is that it helps extend the life of your roof. With roof inspections and routine maintenance, you put your roofing system in the best possible position to reach its life expectancy. As such, roof inspections save you substantial sums of money in the long run by postponing the need for complete roof replacement.

Why You Should Choose Our Service

​When it comes to your roof, you want to hire a seasoned roofing company that you can trust to perform an official inspection. At Gordy Roofing we believe that you deserve the best. We work hard to earn your trust and your business. We work one on one with each client through every inspection we perform to guarantee that you get the results you’re 100% satisfied with the job. We offer affordable rates, combined with efficient service and reliable work you can count on.

​FAQ’s You Should Ask a Roofing Contractor

​Whether you’re installing a brand new roof, repairing your current roof, or looking to launch a roof replacement, there’s something you have to remember:

You’re getting ready to invest in your home and spend money.

One of the most painful mistakes homeowners make is hiring cheap labor and purchasing cheap products, yet expecting top-tier results. While saving money is indeed a noble pursuit, the most important item on your list should be to find a reputable residential roofing contractor Texas in who is going to perform the job with integrity, honesty, and professionalism

Texas state requires a roofer be licensed. Research the code requirements in Texas. Only work with those who are licensed, so you have some accountability in case things go wrong. Be sure the license is up to date.

There’s a difference between licensing and certification. For instance, a contractor may be licensed in the state of Texas, but their certification may only be in residential roofing (as opposed to commercial roofing). Make sure the contractor is certified to perform the particular job.

When you take a chance with construction on your property and an employee becomes injured, you might find yourself forking over thousands of dollars to pay for medical bills. To protect yourself, make sure the company you hire insures each worker.

Liability insurance covers your property. When it comes to insurance, don’t take the roofer’s word for it. Ask to see an insurance certificate. This certificate will list your name and address as an additional insured, so if something happens on the job your property is covered.

If the old shingles are pulled up, you will never know if you have soft spots or rotten wood beneath the current shingles. Don’t let a roofer place a new roof on your house until they have taken up the old roof.

If you choose to deal with a company not local to your area, you may not be able to get the company back to fix any potential problems in the future.

Today’s dimensional style shingles cost the same price as the older style shingles and also last longer. Homeowners should get at least a 25-year warranty.

Agreeing to a contract without a detailed assessment can cause problems in the long run. Be sure, before signing a contract, you have a detailed estimate for the job.

This is a no-brainer. Although there are honest contractors, you should never take them at their word. Get a minimum of three references and do some serious follow-up. Ask detailed questions and get samples.

About Longview Texas

Longview is a large, metropolitan city in east Texas. Located in Gregg County, Longview is about 127 miles southeast of Dallas. Longview is the forty-fifth largest city in the state of Texas. Known for its numerous historical landmarks and traditional Texas appeal, the city’s motto is fittingly known as, “Real East Texas.” For more information about the city, click here.

  • Population: approximately 82,000
  • Longitude/latitude: 32°30’33”N 94°45’14”W
  • Zip codes: 75601-75606
  • S. Highway 80 runs east-west through the city, while U.S. Highway 259 cuts through the eastern side of town.
  • The best place to stay in Longview is the Staybridge Suites Longview, a casual 4-star hotel located on North Fourth Street.
  • The East Texas Regional Airport, located at 269 Terminal Circle, is the nearest regional airport in Longview. The nearest international airport is the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, located at 2400 Aviation Drive about 140 miles west of Longview.

Longview is considered the hub of East Texas outdoor recreation and leisure travel. The city is well-known for its festivals, fine dining, and historic downtown.

Top 5 Things to Do in Longview

  • For family fun, Texans enjoy taking their children to the Longview World of Wonders, a creative children’s museum located on East Tyler Street.
  • The Longview Museum of Fine Arts is also located on East Tyler Street and features multiple exhibits of regional contemporary artists.
  • The Gregg County Historical Museum, located on North Fredonia Street, is a local museum dedicated to the history of Longview.
  • Lear Park is a sprawling park with athletic fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas on HG Mosley Parkway.
  • The Longview Mall is the best shopping center in the city. It is located at 3500 McCann Road.

Great Texas Balloon Race

Longview is known as the Balloon Capital of Texas due to its annual Great Texas Balloon Race. The race is a world-class event attracting the best competitive pilots from around the world. The event began in 1977 and has been a Longview staple ever since. Families enjoy a sky-full of over 80 hot air balloons, live concerts, numerous vendors, and more.

Notable Residents

  • Forest Whitaker, who is a famous American actor, director and producer
  • George B. Turner, who was a United States Army soldier and recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions in World War II
  • Miranda Lambert, who is an American country music singer and songwriter

City Facts

  • Longview is located in the country of the United States of America.
  • Longview is in the state of Texas, which is normally shortened to TX.
  • Longview is located in Gregg County; it is also the county seat.
  • Established in the in 1870s, Longview is a Council-Manager type of government.

The current mayor of Longview is Andy Mack.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Longview is located just north of the Sabine River.
  • The city of Longview is home to three major universities: LeTourneau University, Kilgore College, and the University of Texas at Tyler, Longview University Center.
  • Longview is a great golfing destination with country clubs like Pinecrest on Club Drive and The Challenge on Oak Forest Country Club Road.

Nearby Suburbs

Longview is bounded by Loop 281 to the east, East George Richey Road to the north, and Interstate 20 to the south.

  • Judson is just north of Longview
  • Hallsville is to the east
  • Lakeport is located to the south
  • Gladewater is to the west